EXPORTICA company inspection service include?

  1. a) Visit company/factory address
  2. b) Visit local administration of industry and commerce
    c) Online background check

What we will deliver?

  1. a) A comprehensive verification report
    b) Videos and photos of supplier’s facility, equipment, production process, quality control process, sample details, etc.

Company verification work flow?

1.Customer place an order (fill out the company verification order sheet).

2.EXPORTICA send back a confirmation letter with payment routine within 24 hours. Customer pay as per the payment route.

3.Inspector visit the company site, check certificates, equipment, workshop, sample room and evaluate the production capacity and company scale

4.Inspector visit local administration of industry and commerce

5.Inspector conduct other supplementary verification

6.Inspector submit report as well as photo and document

7.Verification expert in EXPORTICA check the initial report and write an official report

8.We submit the official company verification report and photo documents.

Price for verification:
per company, we will submit you an electronic report within 5 work days. 

We accept payment by T/T, Western Union and Paypal. The bank expenses outside EGYPT should be borne by the customers. We charge $30 extra fee if customer choose to pay by Paypal. The payment instruction will be given in confirmation email to your order sheet.

a) EXPORTICA offers company verification service at most part of operation countries.
b) Since foundation in 1999, EXPORTICA has provided service to 300+ clients, in 20+ industries.
c) The feature of our company verification service tailor-made for foreign companies is that we not only verify whether the company is real or trustworthy, but also we will give our customer suggestions on contract negotiation, secure payment, logistics, etc based on our practical expertise and experience.

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