EXPORTICA has been offering OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) product development services for many industries and factories in Egypt. We have had our fair share of experience & our journey has been pretty good so far. With our expertise, we make sure that each order gets executed the right way through all the stages.

We take care of everything from START to the END, once we have a project in our hands. That’s our promise to you.

OEM Product Development is usually suited for private labels & it allows you to provide us details of your own and get the products developed as per your required specifications under your brand name.


1-Tell us all details about your required product. You can send us sample to what you need actually   Please fill this form

2-EXPORTICA study the enquiry and send Price and Lead time quotation.

3-Order Confirmation, signing agreement and issuing the formal Purchase order including all details.

4-Sampling Submitting

5-Samples approval

6-Bulk production and shipping

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