Imports nowadays is tricky even for senior buyers, from supplier development to shipping arrangement, from contract drafting to dispute settlement. EXPORTICA have been providing professional product sourcing services for foreign enterprises. 

EXPORTICA Sourcing Service package includes:

1) Find reliable supplier or Supplier verification if provided by customer.

2) Product Development
3) Price negotiation
4) Contract negotiation
5) Production follow-on
6) Quality Control
7) Shipping arrangement

Cost and Payment
We charge you 3% commission for our service. All process of export and shipping will be done through the local supplier in operating countries 


1-The customer send details to EXPORTICA. (Fill this form please)

2-Customer send Authorization letter to EXPORTICA and signing NCND to protect confidentiality 

3-EXPORTICA will make Supplier Verification (see Company Verification Services)

4-Negotiation of Product, Packaging development and branding  development (See OEM product service)

5-Production follow up and reporting to customer.

6-Quality Inspection and reporting to customer. (see Quality and Inspection services) 

7-Shipping follow up and reporting to the customer

Online reporting:

All reports and update of your shipment will be available on our system in your account page. So you can follow up all your shipments and orders very easily. Sign in 


1-EXPORTICA inhouse sourcing experts have in-depth knowledge and experience in most industries,

2-EXPORTICA’s has a quality inspector networks all around Egypt, so we could provide on-site inspection service whenever the clients have QC requests

3-EXPORTICA has cooperation relationship with hundreds of factories in different industries that we have worked with 

4-EXPORTICA started to provide sourcing service since 1999, so far we have served 300+ foreign companies buying from operation countries on a regular base. 

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